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  • Totally Useless Mad

    Totally Useless Mad

    Don’t miss the latest sensational scoop of stuff from MAD — it’s totally useless, but that’s never stopped us before!…

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  • Spy vs Spy

    Spy vs Spy

    Since the 1960s, "Spy vs. Spy" has been one of the most popular features in MAD Magazine. The diabolical duo of double-crosses and deceit (one dressed in black, the other in white) have continued to one-up each other - till death do them part. Now, their complete, original exploits are collected in…

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  • Mad Special: Spy Vs. Spy #1

    Mad Special: Spy Vs. Spy #1

    The Cold War may be over, but their rivalry lives on in the pages of MAD Magazine and on the new MAD show now airing on Cartoon Network! Now, MAD celebrates everyone's favorite Black and White spies with this Special featuring the best of Spy vs. Spy cartoonists Antonio Prohias and Peter Kuper - plu…

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  • Mad Presents Superman #1

    Mad Presents Superman #1

    MAD and The Man of Steel have always had a very...special relationship. Now, MAD exploits that relationship with this new magazine-sized special that collects movie parodies, special features and laughs galore!…

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  • Mad Presents Batman #1

    Mad Presents Batman #1

    MAD is at it again! We’re collecting our best – if that’s the right word – Batman parodies in one big package! It’s enough to drive you batty!…

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  • Intensely Dumb Mad

    Intensely Dumb Mad

    INTENSELY DUMB MAD—one of the most honest book titles ever! This edition includes our versions of Star Wars’ Revenge of the Sith and The Lord of the Rings’ The Return of the King! Plus, find out if you’re addicted to video games, yecchy places to avoid during winter break vac…

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  • Insanely Awesome Mad

    Insanely Awesome Mad

    Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions! Spy Vs. Spy! Ridiculous ads! Super Heroes! This new collection is handcrafted from favorite MAD features, and is designed for fans of the hit Cartoon Network show!…

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    The Usual Gang of Idiots is at it again – and this time, they’ve come up with the new EPIC MAD TP!  Ripped from the pages of the magazine that inspired the hit Cartoon Network show, this new collection features some of the oddest and most stupid and ridiculous MAD articles ever!…

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