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    The acclaimed all-ages series returns with this title collecting issues #7-12! In the second half of our calendar of small events, the Bat-Family takes on new challenges, like sea monsters, vacations, comic conventions and pirates. But things get really interesting when they get together at a few fa…

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    When Batman and Robin chase the cunning Clayface into Gotham City’s biggest Comic-Con, they run into security, other heroes, and trouble! And on Labor Day, Jenna Duffy—carpenter to Gotham City’s criminal class—takes the day off. But will interruptions doom her personal projec…

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  • Batman: Lil Gotham #8

    Batman: Lil Gotham #8

    It’s August, which means no holidays! But Alfred thinks Bruce could use a break, so he sends The Dark Knight on a strange and wonderful trip: a vacation! And while the Bat’s away, the villains come out to play, and the rest of the family has a hot time in Gotham City!…

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  • Batman: Lil Gotham #7

    Batman: Lil Gotham #7

    During Japan’s Month of Waters, Aquaman calls upon The Dark Knight—so get ready for a battle of GIGANTIC proportions as the Bat-family faces robots, sea monsters and more in “Minazuki.” Then, on Independence Day, Uncle Sam implores his villainous friends to steal all the fire…

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  • Batman: Lil Gotham #6

    Batman: Lil Gotham #6

    Head over to Li’l Gotham for Mother’s Day Mania as Damian and Colin search for the true meaning of family, friendship and how many different ways Alfred can top a pizza. And no one prepares for Father’s Day Fun like Gotham City’s Bat-Family. But when the Gordons have to share…

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  • Batman: Lil Gotham #5

    Batman: Lil Gotham #5

    April showers bring…Mr. Freeze? When Victor is granted his freedom from Arkham Asylum, he is welcomed back into Gotham City. But that will quickly turn into a cold reception if Batman can’t stop his latest scheme. And then, it’s Cinco de Madness as Damian and friends take their ba…

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  • Batman: Lil Gotham #4

    Batman: Lil Gotham #4

    As Gotham City celebrates St. Patrick’s Day, all its banks are left with no gold under the rainbow. Provided with help, Batman and his crew round up the usual green goons…but no good deed goes unpunished. And in the second story, Batman and Robin can’t be late for this very import…

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  • Batman: Lil Gotham #3

    Batman: Lil Gotham #3

    It’s Valentine’s Day in Gotham City, and The Joker’s having a rough time. Not only does he hate the holiday, but when his plan to ruin it for everyone else backfires, he becomes the target of many fan-favorite females’ affections! And in the second story, set against the back…

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