Scooby-Doo Vol. 1: You Meddling Kids

Scooby-Doo Vol. 1: You Meddling Kids

Written by Terrance Griep, Jr., Chris Duffy, Barbara Slate, Sam Henderson and Dan Slott; Art by Ned Sonntag, Ivan Brunetti, Ernie Colón, Tim Harkins, Joe Staton, Bob Smith, Gary Fields, Andrew Pepoy; Cover by Glenn Barr

It includes the stories "Scooby in the Booby Hatch," "Scooby Snooze," "The Roswell Riddle," "Stubble Trouble," "The Truth," "Wax Attacks!," "The Old Ways," "How I Spent My Winter Break," "Legend of the Silver Scream," and "The Best Laid Plans..."

  • Color
  • Softcover
  • 112pg.
  • Book
  • $6.95 US